Photo Copyright 2019 Will Gavillan Photography

Photo Copyright 2019 Will Gavillan Photography

Hi, my name is Will and #eyemakeimages. I began as a traditional artist, then found myself immersed in the world of technology. A few years ago I found my way back into art, and discovered a real love for photography. My passion for art is influenced by music and the beauty found in the faces I see.

Color plays a big part in my work, be it ultra saturated or black and white. Depending on the desired mood the color and lighting can be cinematic, dramatic and lots more. If you are looking for a traditional image or something more playful and creative, I make you part of the process so you get images that truly express your personality to the world.

Are you looking to update your presence on social media? Do you want to make wall art of you looking your best? Shy or confident, tall or short. I can put you at ease with a fun, collaborative session. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, sit back, and enjoy the ride...oh and the pictures too.

Through my editorial work, I can help you share your creative vision by showcasing your collection(s) in the best light pun intended.

PS I love to work with models and performers to update their images, so let’s create!